London Riots: what does it mean to you?

Last night me and the other-half sat and watched the BBC NEWS coverage of the London Riots. We must have been watching the same loop of footage for two hours or so completely unfazed. I’d like to say that I was shocked by what I saw but that would be a lie, nothing about this country shocks me anymore.

It saddens me that minorities of people, not just youths – I saw plenty of older people joining in the riots to news readers! – feel compelled to destroy theirs and other people’s livelihoods. If what people are saying is true, the first riot broke out during peaceful protests over  29-year-old Mark Duggan’s death. Interviews by The Guardian with locals and shop owners in Tottenham suggest that a large majority of the initial rioters weren’t from the immediate area, and had flocked to the area with the intent to rial others. There’s a lot of discussion about the reasoning behind the riots, some say it’s about unemployment and money, others say is a matter of respect, there’s also been talk about it being a show of power aimed at the police. All I know is that it’s affecting innocent people…

I personally feel that the riots and destruction of London was completely unnecessary and there are better ways to vent frustration, if there was actually any reasoning behind it. unfortunately, it seems to have been caused largely by outside protagonists purely seeking opportunity…

But I don’t like to dwell on the negatives, I’d much rather blog about the amazing things people – who may or may not have been directly affected – do for others in need. So I have compiled some images and messages from other sources here that have stirred a positive emotional response from me.

The Turkish community of Dalston show how a community is really supposed to work. Uniting to chase away the rioters hell-bent on destroying their street.

A couple in Camden Town making tea for the officers protecting their street, some of which had been on duty for more than 30 hours.

Clean-up operation after rioting and looting in Camberwell

In the wake of civil unrest and chaos, its selfless acts like this that spark my hope for humanity once more.

This is true community spirit.



Communities can be stronger than Criminals by Emmeline Pidgen

 When thinking back on the London riots in years to come, I’ll be remembering THESE moments. Where people banded together to protect others, where people organised voluntary operations to clean up affected area’s. Selfless acts of compassion and community spirit!

I hope others too can take something positive from such a negative experience.

I’d love to know what you guys think. What are your views on the recent riots?


One thought on “London Riots: what does it mean to you?

  1. Rioters = Scumbags. Simple as that. There’s no excuse whatsoever for their behavior. They should all be hung because these people will breed and instill their lack of morals to their poor inbred children!

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